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Q2 2023
  • Hello world! ZAG is born

  • ZAG conceptualization and whitepaper (Completed)

  • Publish ZAG's Expert Guide on Job Seeking & Personal Branding e-Book (Completed)

  • Go-To-Market strategy (Completed)

  • ZAG MVP release and beta test (Completed)

  • Raise equity Friends & Family round of funding (Completed)

Q3 2023
  • Soft launch ZAG Platform (24 August 2023 Completed)

  • 1,000 users (ZAGGERS) sign up on ZAG (Ongoing)

  • Guerrilla marketing at crypto events and hackathons (Ongoing)

  • Career talks at Universities and Polytechnics (Ongoing)

  • Free ZAG e-book on personal brand & job seeking for all ZAGGERS (Completed)

Q4 2023
  • Guerrila marketing campaigns in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India

  • 3,000 ZAGGERS onboarded

  • Accelerate network effect to sign up more ZAGGERS

  • Launch freemium model for employers

Q1 2024
  • Launch TGE, IDO & Crowdsale of ZAG Tokens

  • Big bang marketing across APAC countries for ZAG brand awareness                   

  • Distribute the ZAG21 SoulBound Tokens to Gold and Black Star ZAGGERS

  • Airdrop ZAG Tokens to ZAGGERS for activities contributed on ZAG platform

  • Launch ZAG for Business, revenue model for paid job posts and subscription

  • Launch ZAG Tokens on Uniswap

  • 10,000 ZAGGERS onboarded



Q2 2024
  • Raise the next round of funding to scale exponentially

  • Launch ZAG iOS & Android app

  • Marketing campaigns across APAC & Europe

  • 30,000 ZAGGERS onboarded

Q3 2024
  • Launch Silicon Valley ZAG office

  • Marketing campaigns across APAC, Europe & USA

  • Launch ZAG Tokens on CEXs

  • 100,000 ZAGGERS onboarded 

Q4 2024
  • Launch India ZAG office 

  • 200,000 ZAGGERS onboarded

Q1 2025
  • ZAG offices in Singapore, Silicon Valley, India

  • 300,000 ZAGGERS onboarded

  • ZAG Token unlock for early investors, advisors and project team (1st tranche of 12 tranches) 

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